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Flexibility, Discounts & more

Enjoy the discounted rates across major hotel chains across the globe including: Hilton, Marriott, IHG, Radisson and more to add to our ever expanding network of discounts. Discounted travel rates booked in advance 24 hours prior to check-in and subject to the terms and conditions of the cardholder agreement.


We'll beat any price by

You'll always get the best rate!

Our 5% Best Price Guarantee shows the commitment that we offer the lowest hotel rate. If you find a cheaper price published for public, we will beat that rate by 5% within the same terms, conditions and cancellation policy.

How To Claim Your 5% Best Price Guarantee?

Our 5% Best Price Guarantee can be redeemed both online and offline. Online, you will get a response within one business day. Offline, our consultants will quote you with the discounted offer to accept it and book accordingly.


Record or screenshot the website where the price\offer published for public online


Send us link (URL) of the price\offer published from your email registered with us


We'll verify it and if eligible, you’ll receive a quote with 5% off the matched price

Your booking,
Your Rewards

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at rates you like!

Discounted Rates

Enjoy discounts up to 70% off public rates on selected properties across over 650,000 hotels worldwide

Pay at the Hotel

Feel the freedom to pay at the hotel with our flexible payment options for most hotel properties across the globe

Loyalty Rewards

Your booking = Your rewards
Collect, Redeem and maintain your favorite hotel loyalty program

Is it so easy
to change?

Flexibility you've
always asked for

Infinite Revisions

over 70% of ad-hoc flights get revised before/after landing. Changes anything from names,counts or schedule.

Cancel Anytime

Our fully flexible rates allow you to cancel your reservation anytime without penalties for small and yet large crew groups

Easy Check-in/Out

Early check-in or late checkout, Late night or early morning arrivals. We've got you covered with our 24/7 operations team

book per stay

Hotel for a night
or for few hours!

For few Hours

Long transit, quick business trip or a stopover for few hours: we find you hotel stay for few hours that fit your schedule and budget

For few Nights

Traditional stay of hotel accommodation, with early check-in and late checkout and even 24 hours stay for any check-in time

For few Months

Long missions for over than 14 nights that has special requirements, tight budget and business projects in remote locations



We work along with your budget. Comfort is essential and necessity regardless if you are on low budget or seeking ultimate luxury stay.

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